An over-abundance of good: using multiple tools at once.

I’m guilty of band-wagoning. Yup. I admit it. A new tech tool comes out, and the next thing you know, Mr. G is trying it out in his next class. Literally, my next class. I can’t imagine this is healthy for my students’ learning. We all get excited and like to try new things, butContinue reading “An over-abundance of good: using multiple tools at once.”

The Most Important People in the Room

This article originally appeared on on 6/29/2015. Check it out here. I’ve learned that the most impactful form of discipline isn’t a reactionary approach, but a proactive one. A mentor teacher of mine once told me something that I think about every day: “Always remember: there are more important people in the room than you.”Continue reading “The Most Important People in the Room”