Instagram and teaching? Cool!

I’m excited to try using Instagram in my teaching next year. I never realized that Instagram has a “direct” option when taking a photo, which means instead of making a photo public to your followers, a student could “pass in” a photo to my account. Pretty cool. 

Do you think enough students at WHS use Instagram for me to use this as a teaching tool? What do you think?

Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram at @mrgosselinwhs.

Some summer reading: Mark Twain and Education

“In Twain’s writings, he returned again and again to a simple theme: Education should be practical and meaningful. When high marks on exams are the goal, students end up focusing on isolated facts and writing in what Twain described in Tom Sawyer as a ‘wasteful and opulent gush.'”

This article isn’t for or against the Common Core, but is more of a “best guess” as to what one of America’s greatest thinkers would have had to say about what education is all about.

What do you think?


Farewell, prepositions. Hello, new “because”.

If we are going to start grammatical revolutions, we should at least know what we are talking about. So, for example, when a crazy English teacher on summer vacation calls you out on it, you can respond in a professional, intelligent way, like…

“Yes, I am aware that I am purposely omitting a preposition in this post/tweet/insta/etc. so I can create an effect.”

Today, as I was sipping my afternoon coffee, I noticed that, a notable and respected source of news in the Boston area had posted an update on their Facebook page that read:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.43.12 PM

Now, to most of you, I’m sure that upon first read of this post, you didn’t notice anything weird. Yes, the Boston Pops have changed their show time due to the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Arthur. As the crazy English teacher, I notice right away that an integral part of the structure of sentence-writing was missing: the preposition.

This new usage isn’t as much about the lack of a preposition, but the use of the word “because”. Recently, the American Dialect Society voted the word “because” the word of the year because of it’s new usage in American dialect and speech. In short, it looks like this new usage will be around for a while.

So, what do you make of the new usage of the word “because”? Does it work? What do you think?

I hope that you enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather, because summer.

Mr. G


Welcome to my new site!

To celebrate the kick-off of summer vacation, I’ve launched the beginnings of a brand new online portal for my classes.

And to top it off? I now have my own domain:

I’m really excited to use this new site to share classroom updates, articles and assignments with you throughout the school year.

I hope you all have a restful and safe summer vacation!

Mr. G

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