Complex characters!

Hello, all! Over the next week, we will be continuing our discussions about complex characters (those with multiple or conflicting motivations). Big idea: which characters have we encountered this year that are┬ácomplex? What makes them complex? A couple of things to keep in mind: 1. Remember Spongebob and how he helped us discover the traitsContinue reading “Complex characters!”

The great and powerful… reading survey!

I’m collaborating with another teacher (the wonderful Ms. Hughes!) on a year-long research project studying the┬álove of reading. We’ve developed this survey to get the ball rolling. I am asking for your honesty and patience with this task – it is greatly appreciated! The survey can be found here: Thanks! Mr. G

G Block – Article for In-Class Activity

Please read this article and respond in your Journal (Journal 4, at least eight sentences). Think about the following: This can be a tough essay┬áto read, so I encourage you to take it slow. If you don’t understand a word or reference in the piece, look it up. Don’t just breeze through it. Consider theContinue reading “G Block – Article for In-Class Activity”