Dear students:

I want to share with you that starting in September, I’ll be serving in a new role in the Wakefield Public Schools. As the Digital Learning/Media Specialist at the Dolbeare and the Walton, I’ll be able to share my love of instructional technology and literacy with teachers and students in exciting new ways.

If you’ve had me in class (which I assume, if you are reading this, you have), you know my mantra, my saying, what I live by when I step into 1223 every day: YOU are the most important people in the room.

Here’s a new connection that I want you to think about –

You: the singular: the learner, the questioner, the visionary – YOU are the most important PERSON in the room.

You: the plural: the community, the class, the team, the ensemble, the SQUAD – YOU are the most important PEOPLE in the room.

Continue to work with each other. Continue to lift each other up when things get messy. Continue to support, to help, to praise, to question, to celebrate each other.

Remember: you are always welcome to get in touch. I want to catch up with you and hear how things are going. I’m just a mile down the road at the Dolbeare or at Walton. I already told my new principals that I can’t wait to get high school students involved in our elementary learning communities. That’s a priority for me, so when I get in touch, you better answer!

Stay in touch.

Thank you, students, for making me a better teacher.

Mr. G

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Published by chrisgosselin

Chris is a Digital Learning Coach in the Boston, MA area. You can follow him on Twitter at @cjgosselin.

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