Welcome back!

I’m getting excited for the school year. Are you?

My summer was filled with good friends, good food, exciting travel and or course, good books. Here are a few pictures that sum up my summer vacation:

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This year, I’m excited to be teaching four English classes – three 10H and one 10CP, plus a brand new first-year homeroom. Welcome, Class of 2019!

My 2015-2016 schedule will be posted soon on the website, so as always future students, you’ll know when to find me if you need extra support or have a question. I hope you find this website helpful. I’ll be updating it throughout the year on a regular basis. Have a suggestion for it? Let me know.

I’m excited to get back into 1223. I look forward to an exciting, positive and thought-provoking year!

Mr. G

Published by chrisgosselin

Chris is a Digital Learning Coach in the Boston, MA area. You can follow him on Twitter at @cjgosselin.

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