G Block – Article for In-Class Activity

Please read this article and respond in your Journal (Journal 4, at least eight sentences). Think about the following:

This can be a tough essay to read, so I encourage you to take it slow. If you don’t understand a word or reference in the piece, look it up. Don’t just breeze through it.

Consider the following:

What do you hear this writer saying? How does she inform the audience with her experience?

What connections to SFSB can you draw? Is Sarah mentally ill, even though she is faking it?

What is Liza Long asking us to do?

I’m leaving it rather open-ended for this one. If you aren’t comfortable responding to this piece, or even reading it, that is okay. Free write!

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Chris is a Digital Learning Coach in the Boston, MA area. You can follow him on Twitter at @cjgosselin.

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